Romantic Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s moon

        Here I am. Sitting on the right corner of the Reno River. Hiding myself in the shadows hopefully looking for the light.

       It was around 10 pm when the sun finally gave space to an audacious full moon. As a young lady, it was shinning intensively. The clear sky was an appropriated dress for that evening show. A free and memorable presentation.

     Maybe Frankfurt has a soul. Among those buildings and architecture there’s a pulsing human energy floating in this summer evening.

     Frankfurt’s people flow as their river – not clearly but naturally. As their river, maybe they also feel smaller by the pressure of urban margins.

       During the evening the urban Frankfurt rests. Silence is only broken by the sound of happy voices. People who chat, laugh and live. For a few moments they just don’t hesitate and chill. What a pure manifestation of living!

       Maybe Frankfurt has a charm. Maybe it is only noticeable to those who go down stairs. Maybe it is only perceptible to who tries night walks. Maybe Frankfurt enjoys being discovered.

          Maybe Frankfurt is too lovely to waste.


(Marcelo Penteado)

Sobre Marcelo Penteado

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