Traveler’s manifest

Barcelona, 2011

What I want isn’t on television and there’s no advertising that can seduce me – it barely grabs my attention, if anything.

What I want can only be felt on the go.

In new paths that offer no return, in the novelty of long walks and through the windows that deliver breathtaking views.

What I want can only be felt in the speechless silence of a sunset that – I can guarantee – no camera can reproduce.

What I want is to cherish the freedom of letting go and being lost, around people I don’t know and sceneries that I’m not used to, under the different lights of the ever-changing skies.

What I want is to feel again the lack of requirements, so I can disconnect from the status-quo and rigid standards, which allows me to be a more sincere version of myself.

What I want is to embrace my inquisitive eyes.

Smile like I mean it and feel my eyebrows arch in astonishment during every minute of my day, as if they were shuffled cards dealt by fate.

What I want can only be felt when you’re a passenger – it’s when everything that’s moving fast suddenly slows down, a door opens and nothing else matters.

Share unique moments with people from different countries, continents and realities. If we don’t discover new adventures, we discover ourselves. I want to be a diplomat of life itself.

What I want can only be felt after long hours talking to strangers, savoring new cultures and toasting to new words. Great friendships are born in moments like these, and also great romance.

What I want is to learn new languages – not to talk to more, but to listen more. Dive into new knowledge, flirt with new religions and steer in new directions that give my life a wide range of new meanings.

What do I want…

What I want can only be felt after traveling through roads with no tourists, hiking mountains with local legends and to discover that everything actually is unique and perfect. I realized that where few people reach, many find themselves.

What I want can only be felt after sleeping in different places and waking up staring at different ceilings, or maybe even stars. To simply let go: the freedom of not belonging to anything or anyone allows me to, potentially, belong to everything.

What I want is silence.

A present moment of peace; and to truly know myself. Yell to this planet that I am your son and listen to my call echo away until and listen as it fades.

What I want is to go even further, feel the wind reshape my face and contemplate a sight that imposes me to remove my shades.

What I want can only be felt when the heart is my compass. It directs the sails that guide my soul with the explorer’s blood that boils through my veins. My careless cursed necessity of crossing new horizons.

What I want violates prejudice, small minds and deep roots. If faced with any judgment I shall remain silent and move on.

What I want is to travel, but to really travel. To divest myself of any frontier or route – to be the wind that blows in between the trees. So captivating and free.

What I really want is to look forward and know that I’ll be there tomorrow.

(Marcelo Penteado)

One day I decided to travel and I never came back

Faro, 2011

One day I decided to travel and I never came back.

Not due to defiance or wanting to stay; but simply because I changed.

I crossed borders that I never thought I would. Neither on the map, nor in life. I went so far that looking back wasn’t even comforting anymore, it was motivating.

I met people that I can call teachers and gained knowledge that no book could ever teach me. Not because it was a secret but because it was never written.

In my life’s dictionary, I added new meanings to education, fear and respect.

I relearned the value of a few gestures. Like when you’re a kid, the spontaneity of smiles and expressions enforces the most universal form of communication there is – the language of the soul.

I was sheltered by different people, families, strangers, benches and parks. Between floors and humans, both capable of being just as cold or uplifing.

I’ve been through streets, stations, airports and I’m proud to say that I find difficult remebering all their names. My memory shares my desire to freshen up with new and old adventures.

I made real friends. The friendships you make on the road do not fade in space or time. Friends that confront the vast distances and challenge the long years. These are friendships that endure through summers and winters due to the certanity of new encounters.

I lived beyond my own imagination. I shattered expectations and accumulated intangible wealth. I allowed my body and soul to try other states of living and consciousness.

I rediscovered what really fascinates me. I felt intense goose bumps and gave space for my heart to beat faster than my regular daily routine would ever allow.

And you know what?

I began to understand a different meaning of what it is to miss something. Just like we are sometimes, it can be harsh. But I promise you that I can be more than that. Actually, it can be something beautiful.

Knowing that, I reevaluated some of my hugs, gave more respect to some of the words I’ve spoken and I fell in love even more with my friends and family.

Yet, I still have a lot to learn.

If anything, all these experiences drive the certainty of only one thing – I still have a lot of places to see, people to cross paths with and knowledge to discover.

One day I decided to travel…

and it was from that moment on that I realized that any trip is one-way only.

(Marcelo Penteado)

Ao que é bem-vindo

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